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Ok, it’s official…I have no fucking clue where everyone’s heads are at.

Just finished the Lords of Chaos movie, and cannot for the life of me reconcile all the hatred, putdowns and dismissiveness that’s surrounded the film since release and what I just sat through.

I’ve heard things about the use of Sigur Ros as incidental BGM. So? What about all the excellent (and appropriate) music that sprung from and informed the events onscreen (great to hear all that Sodom, Sarcofago, Bathory, Grotesque et al throughout, got me pulling out the standbys once again).

I’ve heard things about it coming out through Vice (so? Weren’t they also Rough Guide, whose seedy transgressive reporting was so great back in the 90’s/early millenium?).

I’ve heard things about the use of American actors, specifically the Home Alone kid’s lookalike brother and that weird looking, pimply faced girlfriend of his (she was kind of hard to look at, but hey). But you know what? Who cares?

All the figures involved, right down to hangers on like ‘Metalion”, cameos like Attilla Csihar and oddballs like crazy Snorre of Thorns and homicidal Bard “Faust” of Emperor were instantly recognizable as being who they were playing – I don’t care if they cast Scott Baio and Gary Coleman, they all put their A game into this, and it worked…really well, at that.

Most importantly, this one took an overplayed, hagiographied notorious series of events that brought a tiny group of bands from a small Nordic country to global attention (and resulted in a worldwide scene that continues in waves of relevancy and vibrancy to this day) and restored what was long lost: it’s most important, explanatory element.

It’s humanity.  And hence, the jarring horror of it all.

These were dumb teenagers, playing at being “cool” and “more evil than anybody”, mainly with the aim of getting attention and building notoriety for a handful of bands and self released albums…which escalated into a wave of arson and murders, when younger and literally insane hangers on took all the bullshit rhetoric being spouted as gospel truth and call to action.

And as early Bathory sticksman Jonas Akerlund (who also gave us one of my all time favorite videos, for Prodigy’s “smack my bitch up”) likely knew, it’s this latter point that serves as both mirror and warning to what’s going on today, in other, equally insane quarters of the politicosocial landscape.

Be careful what bullshit you allow people to spout…because it only takes a handful of the gullible and off the beam to take the lies at face value and run with ’em, straight into nightmare territory.

Selah…and quite recommended for aficionados of the genre and most especially those who think they know the story…time to humanize the gilded hype and fill out the picture to real world size.