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This one’s been out for a bit at this point, but after hitting a rough patch the other month and catching up on a few things (like editing and publishing three more Weird Scenes episodes and several articles and Roundup Reviews here at Third Eye and over at the Facebook page), I finally got around to checking out our old pal Aleister “Frater Zetekh” aka KFS’ latest video for “your god is dead”.

And if you think it’s just a lot of ado about a twee Nietzche quote, you simply don’t know who you’re dealing with.

As ever with his KFS work, videos, symbolism and lyrics are both more simplified and “dumbed down” for a less practiced/initiated audience and oddly more profound in their very simplicity.

Here he centers mainly on the theme of “chaos is the law” (which can be read in scientific and philosophic terms as much as in esoteric ones), throwing down a base tenet of the Chaote (and a more studied point later along the path of Thelema) involving the shattering of all idols, strictures and methods as form of dhyana, here rather abrasively put as the continual abuse and stabbing at the Ajna (we could take that one personally, if we didn’t know the guy through semi-regular correspondence!)

While shocking (why would you kill off all means and methods used to apprehend, communicate, Work and attain for the sake of further advancement? Or is this merely the cornerstone of the more subtle, arguably less demanding and bogged down in often pointless and sectarian ritual path of chaos?)

He provides some blatant hints: note the continual use of astral travel imagery (interestingly tied to the mundane, beginning with literal footage from a car ride before moving to more recognizable mandalas and astral movement), the (rather Goetian) encounters with higher forces, the Saturnian symbolism that closes things out.

Of course, with less method, comes less protection, and a more wild and undefined result…consider yourselves warned.

Check out the video here, if you dare.