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Next time on Third Eye Cinema (Sun. Aug. 4, 7pm EST/4pm PST): we present the most interesting couple in metal!

With a career reaching back as far as 1990, and with their first album gaining worldwide attention as both one of the first acts and one of the few records ever released under Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence label, this man has been at the forefront of the black metal scene!

As the first and most prominent of Japanese extreme metal bands, he and his bandmates pursued a musical path marked by an unusual diversity and determinedly unique sound, as syncretist and genre-bending as the late Frank Zappa!

After an amazing 8 album run, this man met a woman of equal talent, whose intellectual acumen and natural beauty are bolstered by an unusual predilection towards underground death metal vocalization and a soulful saxophone style, and her arrival has marked yet another sea change in the band and its direction!

Please join us as we speak to the multitalented Mirai Kawashima and the lovely Dr. Mikkanibal of progressive black metal maestros Sigh, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 58 (Sun. Aug. 4): Mirai and Dr. Mikannibal of Sigh



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