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This week on Third Eye Cinema: horror punk greats The Vladimirs!

Forming back in 1995 as a side project, the band quickly developed a following and became a full time entity in its own right!  With dark lyrics inspired by classic horror and SF films and themes and a brooding, southern swamp inflected vocal approach mixed with some proficient thrash metal style guitar work, this is the only band I’ve ever encountered that may just out-Misfit the Misfits and out-Danzig Danzig!

with 6 albums, a greatest hits and a compilation of the numerous singles, tribute albums and demos they’ve appeared on, and an appearance on Jon McBride’s Cannibal Campout DVD, the band soldiers on as a true cult phenomenon that deserves to be heard by a larger audience!

Join us as we speak to The Vladimirs, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 27 (Sun. Aug 12) – Vladimirs


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